El Nudo

After a vicious clash with another gang, some members of the Armada Latina hide in their squat flat. Cornered, scared to go outside, they wait out the night, as the police patrols the area.
But one of their own is still out there…

Directed by Mauro Vecchi
Written by Luca Speranzoni
Produced by Play Rough Films and Marcello Zappador

with Ibrahim El Sayed, Kaled Pineda, Jimmy Chamba, Miguel Prado, Guido Guarnieri, Ashley Saenz and Geomara Cueva

Executive Producer // Mauro Vecchi, Marco Agnesi
DOP // Mauro Chiarello
Colourist // Orash Rahnema
Production Designer // Stella Lombardo
Costume Designer // Lucia Gallone
Make-Up Artist // Ida Coppola
Music // Smider
Editors // Mauro Vecchi, Guido Fonio
Post Production // Spaghetti 3D
Casting Directors // Giacomo Bruno, Barbara Guieu, Iso Studio Milano

Production Manager // Marco Agnesi
1st AD // Lisa Valcarenghi
2nd AD // Manuel Esposito
Set Designer Assistant // Giulio Oliviero
Make-Up Artist Assistant // Arianna Beretta
Production Assistant // Alessandro Maffi, Giovanni De Mojana
Steadycam Operator // Armando Avallone
Focus Puller // Paolo Gobbi
2nd AC // Davide Bongiorni
Sound Engineer // Ivan Mosconi
Gaffer // Claudio Perna
Best Boy // Elena Minotti

Special Thanks to Movie People, K48, VideoDesign for their support.

Very Special Thanks to Marco Agnesi, Giacomo Bruno, Marlon and Douglas Regalado.